Why international internships are beneficial to your career

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According to Alan Forster, Operations Director of McLaren Automotive ” it is essential to have something unique on your CV, in order to differentiate yourself from other applicants”. Recruiters of  top companies, such as Google and Ernest& Young believe that overseas internships are a great asset to add to your work experience. Working abroad has many beneficial aspects that reflect on your CV and that employers look for when choosing from many applicants.

Shows Ambition

Not only will an international business internship broaden your horizons, it also demonstrates that you have ambition, overall flexibility and the capability to adapt to new and diverse environments, all essential skills for your potential position in any internationally oriented organisation.

Demonstrates Versatility

International experience will demonstrate that you have the means to perform in a global setting.  An internship abroad,  will help you learn how to adapt to a foreign business atmosphere and deal with every little thing that goes along with that, from attaining a universal point of view to dealing with ambiguity, both vital when entering the business world. By the end of an international internship, your set of capabilities will outshine the competitors that have interned domestically. Furthermore, you will stand out at interviews when speaking about the ins and outs of your experience of working in a foreign market and country.

Builds a Worldwide Network

As a result of the rapidly evolving economy, globalisation and the use of technological innovation, practically all business is conducted cross border to some extent. Depending on the type of organisation you intend to intern for, the amount of direct contact you will have with people from different countries and cultures will differ.  However, it is incredibly beneficial to have a wide international network in order to reach the higher positions in a top multinational company. Consequently, internship programs supply social and networking occasions throughout your stay. These will enable you to forge professional relationships and connections with the business community in which you intern.

Discover the Nation

Even if you are only interning for a short period of time, try and make the most of your time overseas by discovering all that the host state has to offer. Regardless of whether it is visiting regional art galleries, ancient historic sites, tasting the traditional cuisine or going to see the local football team, the experiences you have outside the office can be just as valuable as those inside to help you build an understanding of the country and the culture. Many internship packages include social events, language lessons and cultural trips that will make the experience even more memorable.

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