Nissan Leaf Electric Car – Autonomous technology- Self Drive Car

nissan-tech-self-drive-carAn adapted Nissan Leaf Electric car has been given a first test run in Oxford. The self-drive car has been given a public test in the UK for a flash into the future of destination autoroute travel.

During an event at Oxford University, an adapted Nissan Leaf electric car was demonstrated with ‘auto drive enabled’, meaning it was able to ‘drive itself’ for a stretch of the route.

The car is currently controlled using a dashboard mounted iPad which flashes up prompts and options for the driver. At any point the driver can regain control by tapping the brake pedal.

The car offers to take control when it recognizes a common route. The car does not rely on GPS road sensors or anything similar. It is a mere road recognition and surroundings recall that the inbuilt car software calls upon.

Google is already claiming to have grasped the Autonomous technology also and that it is nothing new. Google claims that their own technology has itself driven over 300,000 miles without an accident. Google is currently trying to get California law changed to permit its vehicles on the road, and the RobotCar UK project is also discussing with the Department of Transport to take its own car out on the road.

The technology is pricey and yet to be released however it is something great for the future of road travel. The new technology will not only be fun and free up the drivers time whilst travelling but will also help to reduce accidents and may even significantly speed up the flow of traffic.

The future is bright. The future is Apple….or is it Google?

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