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qr codesUltimahub now design colour QR codes for your business.

By scanning these codes with their mobile your customers will be instantly directed to your website, blog, coupon page, location map, feedback page, like button. A simple scan can even add your customers to your social network or prepare an email ready for sending. The QR features are constantly growing and a great way to drive business to your company. We can design them for you!!

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Ultimahub QR codes consist of modules arranged in square patterns on a white background. “QR” stands for quick response: the contents can be decoded at high speed. QR codes have been around since 1994, but have until now been used mostly for industrial applications.

Why are QR codes valuable for marketing?
The marketing potential of QR codes lies in the fact that they have a hyperlinking capability. QR codes can connect a person equipped with a camera phone and the right reader software to not just text or contact information, but also to email, IM, SMS, a web site, or a wireless phone number.

How much information do they hold?
QR codes can include up to 7,100 characters of numeric code, 4,300 alphanumeric characters, or 3,000 binary (8 bits) units.
How are QR codes used in marketing?
You can now see them on billboards, in-store displays, business cards, event ticketing and tracking, trade-show and conference management, print ads, contests, direct marketing campaigns, coupons, restaurant menus, sides of trucks, point-of-sale receipts, products tags and packaging, and more and more.

6 reasons to use QR codes for content marketing or inbound marketing:QR CodesUltimahub now design colour QR codes for your business.
1 – QR codes bridge the gap between offline and online media
They can be easily added to offline media: business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, billboards, signs. Ubimark, an Indiana company, has published books that include QR codes. One of them, a version of Around the World in 80 Days, uses QR codes to provide readers access to the audio versions of the book chapters and to Google Maps.
You do not need to include your web address anymore, or a phone number. And there is no risk that people may copy them wrong. At the very moment when prospects are exposed to your message, they can scan the QR code and get connected to your offer, call to action or web site.
2 – QR codes enable sharing and building community
You can use an app called Likify to create PR codes that connect you with a Like button for your Facebook page. You can also create discounts that are specific to the QR code, and run them in advertisements or post them in a store, and turn them into retweets so that people share them with their followers. All this helps you build community.
3 – QR codes can be used for calls to action
You can link the codes to how-to videos, stories about a product, launching a web site, launching a pre-filled tweet, watching a trailer, audio commentaries. You can program the ode to deliver a text message with a promo code to get a discount. Or you can have “Call us” and “Email us” messages, where people scan the code and automatically call or email. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas hased used QR codes in magazine ads to promote their new facilities. Scanning the code takes you to a video and a free room offer. Also, since the QR code can lead to a web page, you can, if your platform allows you, create a code that will populate the cart with specific products. You can also link the QR code to a landing page where people exchange their contact information for a treat, or a discount. For more ideas on how to use QR codes, read: 101 uses for QR codes.
4 – QR codes contribute to your SEO and SMO
QR codes enhance both your search engine and social media optimization, You can increase traffic to those searchable objects to further optimize them by encouraging more sharing.
5 -The effectiveness of PR codes can be measured
The beauty of inbound marketing is that you can accurately assess the marketing cost of sales. Until now, with offline media like print or billboards, you were not able to measure this kind of effectiveness. With QR codes, you can measure results based on clicks and leads.
Link-shortening services bit.ly and goo.gl now automatically generate a QR code for sharing your shortened links. With goo.gl, you simply click on the “More” link after creating a shortened link, and you are directed to a place that gives you not only the QR code, but useful analytics. MyQR.co also provides analytics.
6- QR codes can be used creatively, and be made to look good.

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