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data mining statistical analysis

With targeted analytics of your website statistics your company can analyse your website statistics and find the hidden patterns in results. This procedure is known as data mining, and will allow your company to recognize patterns in customer behaviour on your website. You can then act on these findings to make their visit to your website the most pleasurable and rewarding for all concerned. It will also provide you the opportunity to target your advertising efforts whilst increasing sales at the same time.

Predicting clicks

Effective mining of your website content can help you to discover how to promote your services effectively and provide your visitors with the information, products and services they require with easy click through links. Establishing where your customers visit and read before leaving your website you will be able to establish where you are lacking your click through links.

Optimizing your website design

Whilst uncovering patterns in your customers website behavior and patterns your overall design and direction of your website design will undoubtedly alter and improve to better meet your visitors needs. It will also improve your overall Online Marketing campaign.

Track the effectiveness of your advertising alterations

Utilizing Web data mining will immediately identify the influx of traffic to certain areas of your site. It will help to establish which advertising efforts are proving the most effective and yielding the best results. You may find that forums, blogs and web 2.0’s are providing you with the greatest traffic sources. Perhaps even twitter or a web directory. Web Data Mining will help you to establish this.

Hacking prevention

Tracking and data mining can pinpoint loopholes in your website pages and code which are otherwise unidentifiable to the naked webmaster. This can help you to avoid attacks on your server and site. You may have a contact form, download link or subscription form which is commonly hacked or scraped by competitors or those wishing to post their links on your well ranking website. You will be able to monitor and track IP addresses accessing your website and if need be block them completely if you choose to. It is your website, learn more about it and track its progress.

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