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Following the Penguin update by Google in the early part of 2102 many webmasters have been noticing increasingly frequent tweaks and amendments to the overall operation of the search engine and its search and ranking algorithm. With virtually every company now investing in Internet marketing some are now finding it hard to keep up with the ever changing challenge of remaining on the 1st pages of the engines. We thought it would be helpful therefore to summarize some key practices that your company should be implementing both on and around its corporate website advertising and current marketing strategies.

1. Planning and Involvement

Your company sales teams, marketing teams, designers, developers and brand consultants all more than ever before need to be on board with the direction of your ongoing social marketing. It is fundamental to build a strong road to follow through this year and the coming years. Building links willy nilly and posting some blogs on facebook and twitter will not get you the required link juice your company requires. The smartest way to move forward is to appoint a ringmaster within your organization to lead the project in its entirety and to follow all of the fast moving changes in the internet world. This person will need to be accountable to both your social media marketing goals and communicating any movements to the internal teams. As many people as possible should have a voice and throw ideas into the mixing pot for the designated SMM to filter and follow. It is essential to have the directors of important departments and teams connecting and agreeing on the direction and marketing goals of the company..

2. Uniform Promotion

All customer facing content will need to be assessed to ensure that all the building blocks are pointing in the same direction with complete consistency. Out of date material should be disavowed and information that has not been displayed that could and should have been can be used in future content releases. A good social strategy will require an analysis of all internal marketing and sales assets. In this way, you want to gather up all customer/client-facing online content, including: white papers, published reports, presentations, messaging, online videos, mobile apps and one-sheets. You will be amazed how much material you will have in your own easy reach which can be utilized to build a strong business timeline for your company on the internet.

3. Review Social Marketing Status and Following

Find time to list and evaluate all relevant webpages, including blogs and any on-site communities, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon etc and any other social networks or forums in which you are active as a company.

From here a true picture of your previous outward communication can be drawn and measured. If possible set your previous a grade in comparison to your competitors and a sentiment of interest (positive/negative/neutral). There are also many social management tools that you will be able to subscribe to and measure your online marketing successes. If you have no set procedures in place for this it may well be the time to look into these tools. It will make administering the many social platforms far simpler.

4. Review Your current SEO Program

Which keywords are working for you? Which PPC keywords are costing the most/the least and which have the best click through. Do you have analytics on the website and have you set triggers and KPI’s on your site? Are you tracking social mentions, follows likes etc also as well as SEO effectiveness in Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics?

5. Clearly Define Social Goals for 2013

Who are you selling to? Are your customers being reached? Where are they? Your social media marketing goals must resonate with authentic customer/client engagement. Finding the ideal client base will save huge amount of time and effort in the long run as you will find that following finding your niche clients the happy customers will help you build your marketing campaign as they follow, like and share your posts.

Social media marketing is the ultimate communications tool for contacting and engaging a target audience. It is a chance to brag, advertise, educate and cheer up your target viewers. There is so much that you can discuss for example:

  • Displays of excellence in customer/client service
  • Brand/Products and Services updates
  • New releases or featured products and services
  • Video marketing and upcoming events
  • Education in your niche
  • Recent changes in your industry

As well as keeping in mind increasing numbers of followers, fans and sharers we need to also be discussing: engagement, conversion and viral marketing ideas. As soon as the goal posts are thought about, discussed and determined, only then will an efficient and effective Online Marketing plan be implemented. It’s exciting times. Good luck!


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