Why international internships are beneficial to your career

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According to Alan Forster, Operations Director of McLaren Automotive ” it is essential to have something unique on your CV, in order to differentiate yourself from other applicants”. Recruiters of  top companies, such as Google and Ernest& Young believe that overseas internships are a great asset to add to your work experience. Working abroad has many beneficial aspects that reflect on your CV and that employers look for when choosing from many applicants.

Internship Opportunity in Shanghai China

shanghai internshipsInternship Positions in Shanghai China

Ultimahub China is currently offering SPECIAL OFFERS on all of their Internship packages in Shanghai. Accommodation, assistance with Visa, learn Mandarin, airport pickup, networking and even nights out and day trips included! Boost your resume and experience China’s amazing culture! 

Internships in Shanghai – First Steps to Your Future

Internships in ShanghaiSince the turn of the century China became a home for many foreigners, especially Shanghai. What’s so attractive and promising about this magnificent city? Why are people now flocking to Shanghai in the search of a better future?

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RMB against Dollar – Record High Exchange Rate

rmb exchange rateFor the first time exchange rate of RMB against USD was 6.1598 and it was the first time that the rate reach almost 6.16., hitting a new record high. In recent years, as the exchange rate for RMB is rising rapidly, one of the consequences is that more and more people are travelling abroad and spending money overseas. However due to rising college tuition fees it is becoming ever more expensive to study abroad.

Want SUPER intelligence? Add this Microchip to Your Brain

Brain Microchips

Imagine you can insert a memory card in your brain and go all Keanu “Wow, I know Jiu-Jitsu!” Reeves. Well it’s very nearly here: Scientists have created a microchip brain implant that allows rats to instantly know how to do things. Within two years they are pushing for human testing! Wahhey! Who needs school? Who needs to learn? Just buy a chip!

‘Ubuntu on Android may help find next Einstein’

Ubuntu on Android may help find next Einstein

Jon ‘maddog’ Hall has headed nonprofit organisation Linux International since 1994. A proponent of free and open source software (FOSS) since his university days in the 70s, he now spends his time promoting the Linuxoperating system, consulting, and working with various groups promoting FOSS.

Some say his expertise on the Penguin-themed platform is matched only by his vast Star Trek knowledge.

Hall recently spent time in London to make preparations for Campus Party, a technology event taking place at the O2 arena in September. We caught up with him to chat about his love for open source software, the future of Linux, and why he’s excited about Google Glass.

Time Cloaking – University bends time hiding real events

time cloaking

A Time Cloak which can bend time to hide real events has been discovered. Since even last year this technology has come on tenfold enabling real events in time to be hidden. Sci-fi enthusiasts first saw it on Star Trek, Star Wars and Bond. Usually in the movies however objects were cloaked, we can now cloak not just events but also tenths of a millisecond of events in time itself.

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alexa ranking

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web design chinaWe often get asked by western companies if it is better to create a Chinese style website or a Western style one. Chinese web design stlye is very different and we will explain why and the various differences below.

Firstly we would like to draw your attention to the strong lunar culture of China. The Spring Festival comes on the first day of Chinese lunar calendar and lasts for almost half of a month. But in folk custom, this traditional holiday lasts from the 23rd day of the twelfth month to the 15th day of the first month (Lantern Festival) in the lunar calendar. Among these days, the New Year’s Eve and the first day of the New Year is the peak time of the festival. The exact days are different in every year according to the lunar calendar. In China also 2013 is the year of the snake. Web design China

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